• Supporting leaders and their teams during lock-down

    Posted on 07 Sep 2020 in Staff College News

    It is not uncommon within teams working under significant pressure for relational and behavioural challenges to emerge. When unattended to, these can lead to further breakdowns in trust, teamwork, and the ability to work effectively as a service. The pandemic has certainly thrown up some significant pressure for all teams!

    Staff College has long utilised our approach to help leaders understand the nature of these difficulties, encouraging them to do something about it.

    We have been supporting teams throughout the pandemic. Utilising a blend of virtual development sessions, observing teams’ real virtual meetings and facilitating process reviews, team coaching and introducing key models to support effective team working. These have been increasingly moving to face to face sessions over the last month or two as teams have often started to work face to face again. As we move into the Autumn we will be reviewing the relative risks and benefits of virtual versus face to face sessions dependent on the local context.

    Find out more about we’re continuing to support teams here.