Programmes with Partners:

Neighbourhood Board Leadership Development Programme


The programme has been developed with West Essex CCG to provide the opportunity for personal development for those engaged in the recently formed Neighbourhood Boards across West Essex. It is a fully funded programme by the NHS Leadership Academy.

It brings together leaders from a variety of clinical and non-clinical backgrounds, all of whom have a role to play within the future direction of travel for the Boards.

To help you become a better leader with a greater understanding and appreciation of self and social awareness

In order to
Lead and influence others more effectively to bring around the changes you want to embed in your local neighbourhood

Our input

Delivery of two days leadership development; day 1 followed by day 2 approximately 6 weeks later

Areas covered:
• Why awareness is so important – the importance of relationships in a complex world
• Self in context – understanding the sense of personal leadership in a larger system
• Becoming aware of personal patterns, assumptions and choices and their intended and unintended impact
• Becoming more aware and increasing the responsibility for process (how you go about working) as well as content (what you work on)
• Developing personal influence
• Making meetings more effective


Evaluation results

On completion of the programme:

94% of people strongly agreed and agreed their objectives of the course were achieved

100% of people strongly agreed the course was well facilitated.

What have you enjoyed most about the first day:

Group working; “in-it-together” ethos. Good mixture of teaching/group working

The activities within a small group and having time to reflect in safe environment

Ability to learn with neighbourhood colleagues rather than just CCG colleagues

What have you enjoyed most about the second day:

Evaluating and discussing tasks. Combination of activities and presentations

Meeting other clinicians. Figuring out what desired reality. The activities within a small group and having time to reflect in safe environment

Self-reflection, time to consider leadership style/improvements

Being able to experiment

How have you enjoyed the whole programme:

I have really enjoyed the time to reflect and be challenged on my thoughts. I have felt safe to voice thoughts

Very different, very helpful and relevant. Should be offered to most leaders

Very thought provoking and learnt about myself

I have found it useful, in that I am better able to reflect on my leadership style

How would you describe the whole programme:

Worthwhile course to learn about yourself and future opportunities. Time to think and reflection. Provides positivity and encouragement

Very worthwhile and definitely worth taking 2 days out of clinical practice

Attending the programme has helped me to stop and think about how others will see me as a leader

Well led, interesting and good learning curve