Programmes with Partners:
UCLH Leading Teams Programme



The UCLH Leading Teams Programme is aimed at developing front-line leaders within the Trust to develop their leadership capability, change management and quality improvement skills.

Aimed at developing clinical and non-clinical managers working at Bands 5-7 at UCLH; including nurses, midwives, AHPs, pharmacists, clinical researchers, managers and administrators.

• To develop your leadership skills through a deeper understanding of the ‘UCLH ‘Way’, and the contextual environment in which you work
• To support learning of structured, goal-focused performance and enable development through ‘guided, experiential learning’

Three day programme with one day introduction to leadership, one day introducing change management skills and the final day developing quality improvement skills.

Delivery Partners
UCLH and Staff College

Our input

Delivery of a one day leader development module

To become fully aware of how personal patterns, assumptions, strengths and weaknesses both help and hinder their performance as leaders.

Learning outcomes:

• Understand the difference between leadership and management
• Develop insight, awareness and application of the UCLH Leader Model
• Becoming aware of personal patterns, assumptions and choices and their intended and unintended impact
• Examine the role of teams and personal contribution as a leader
• Understand the importance of and to develop the ability to give and receive feedback


Evaluation Results

Over the course of the 16 courses delivered between September 2017 and December 2018:

88% of people strongly agreed or agreed that they felt confident to lead a team at UCLH after completing the programme.

90% of people strongly agreed or agreed that the course was well-structured

83 % of people said they would recommend the course to their colleagues

I had the opportunity to reflect on my own leadership skills. Got a better understanding of my role as a leader. This course enlightened me on how to put theory into practice. I have now had the opportunity to reflect on my practice as a leader. I have enjoyed this part of the course and learnt a lot. Thank you.

The conscious ability and self-awareness that we are all leaders in our own right, and we all have the ability to be leaders in the future. Having more self-belief and confidence that I do possess leadership qualities and how I can foster these and apply them to my life and work.