Programmes with Partners:

MSE Group Senior Staff Development College


We are delivering a series of modules as part of the MSE Group’s Senior Staff Development College.

The programme is aimed at the top 100 leaders working at Mid Essex, Southend and Basildon Hospital Trusts, prior to their merger next year.

Our three modules focus on developing self awareness, leading teams and leading across boundaries over the course of 6 months.

To develop and align MSB leaders to embody the vision and approach of the MSB over the coming 12 months.

In order to
Support the cultural approaches to future organisational form and identity of a newly merged organization in 2019.

Our input

Delivery of three modules of the four-module programme. Consisting of two-day module 1: Self Awareness, one-day module 2: Leading Teams and one-day module 4: Leading Across Boundaries.’

Module 1: Self Awareness

Two consecutive day course

Areas covered:
• Become aware of personal values, principles and assumptions.
• Gain awareness of how personal traits can influence performance of self and team.
• Notice how you manage your behaviours in group situations.
• Becoming more aware and increasing the responsibility for process (how you go about working) as well as content (what you work on).
• Understand the importance of and develop the ability to give and receive feedback
• Begin to develop your personal reflective practice.

Module 2: Leading Teams

One day course three months after module 1

Areas covered:
• Understand the dynamic demands of task, team and individual priorities.
• Understand roles: leader, deputies and followers
• Using awareness to build resilience

Module 4: Leading Across Boundaries

Final day six months after start of programme

Areas covered:
• Self in context – understanding the sense of personal leadership in a larger system.
• Developing ability to work collaboratively and across boundaries.
• Developing ability to communicate the need for change and influencing others.


Evaluation results

All five cohorts have now completed all three modules and evaluation results show:

95% of people rated the whole programme as excellent or good.

100% of attendees said they felt very confident or confident in understanding their personal leadership context and challenges within the healthcare system. This compared to just 68% saying they felt very confident or confident before starting the programme.

100% of attendees said they felt very confident or confident in their ability to be aware of their personal values, principles and assumptions. This compared to just 84% saying they felt very confident or confident before starting the programme.

98% of attendees said they felt very confident or confident in their ability to notice how they manage their behaviour in group situations. This compared to just 54% saying they felt very confident or confident before starting the programme.

95% of attendees said they felt very confident or confident in understanding how personal traits can influence performance of self and team. This compared to just 64% saying they felt very confident or confident before starting the programme.

88% of attendees said they felt very confident or confident in using reflective practice. This compared to just 62% saying they felt very confident or confident before starting the programme.

Did you enjoy module 1?

This is very important and much needed across all levels of the organisation.

I enjoyed the method of delivery and the reactive nature of the sessions

I learnt a lot about myself and it’s rare to have time to do that

I thoroughly enjoyed the two days. Learnt a huge amount about leadership that I haven’t heard before and learnt more about myself.

This course was fabulous. No boring moments. Pitched appropriately and really well facilitated.

This programme has been brilliant in its execution. It is subtly provocative and thought inducing

Did you enjoy module 2?

Very energising to feed off the rest of the group and share ideas

Understanding the roles and pressures of other senior staff. A great reflective session

Well facilitated. Excellent interaction with the members. Felt safe and able to share/learn.

Illuminating and immersive. I enjoy the careful balance of theory and practice

Plenty of useful information and examples to aid improved leadership

Although the day bought up some difficult emotions, I am able to reflect and make changes going forward

What were the highlights of module 1?

All of it. So useful to immerse yourselves in real-life exercises. Thank you. P.S I AM a leader!

Absolutely fascinating. Engaging team and subject matter. I was not sure what to expect prior to the course and came with a very open mind

Exercises were fun but also useful. Theory was helpful but majority learning from facilitators and getting to know colleagues were the highlights

All of the exercises were very well run. I was very unsure of the programme beforehand but would definitely recommend it

A really refreshing leadership course. Content I hadn’t encountered before. Great facilitation. A really valuable experience. Thank you all and I look forward to the next sessions!

What were the highlights of module 2?

Discussion around team relationships. Material about meetings has really given me pause for thought

Meeting the group and facilitators again. Continuing on leadership journey

Sharing learning with peers and learning from each other. Reflection on self identity with tools areas for development priorities

I really enjoyed the meeting section and the piece on giving constructive feedback

Opportunity to mix with like-minded souls from across MSE. Learn from each other in a supportive environment

The faculty expertise and networking is extremely positive

How would you rate the whole 4-day programme and why?

Improved my confidence to lead. Understand areas for improvement. Excellent networking with the senior leaders. Staff team very knowledgeable. Made friends.

The team are very good. Friendly, kind and inspire confidence/trust. The messages are thought provoking and worthwhile. You can be open with others, which though emotionally difficult at times, allows you to learn and improve as a leader.

Challenging experience that was not “cosy club” but led to constructive feedback that was really valuable.

Very organised. Good balance between lectures/small group activities. Very supportive/challenge to think about things can be made better. Everything on the change starts in us and the power we have to integrate changes.

Content and process – methods and dynamics. Reflection. Collaboration. Implicit v. Explicit – need I say more!

The course involved a great deal of introspection, reflection and self-management. It has been facilitated and managed with complete diplomacy, tack and empathy. A safe environment has been created throughout. Highly recommended.

In what ways has this programme increased your ability to meet the organisational outcomes?

I have started to think more about the overall vision and change rather than how this may affect me as an individual.

It has helped me to define my personal leadership approach and to improve how I communicate with my newly merged team. I am more aware of the dynamics of the team and the importance of being explicit. I feel it has armed me with tools to give constructive feedback. Something I have struggled with.

Understanding of shared purpose and the importance of this. Networking opportunities are plentiful and has started. Maturity and courage to provide an effective change leadership role.

Better relationships with groups across the Trusts. Improved understanding of how/why they may find the merge difficult and ways to account for that. Improved team cohesion hence providing a better service.

Did you feel the programme exercises were valuable learning experiences?

I felt I learnt not only the obvious lessons, but a lot about myself and a lot relevant to my role and issues

I enjoyed the different ways that learning experiences were delivered

The exercises were useful and enjoyable – thought provoking

Totally out of my comfort zone, but valuable learning

Excellent exercises. Felt very supported by the facilitator and from team mates

Feedback and critique exercises were valuable

Facilitators fostered a good balance of challenge and acknowledging it is a learning process – constructive feedback

The exercises help you put the models, etc. you have just learnt into practice

Did you feel the facilitator was knowledgeable about the subject matter?

All the facilitators seemed knowledgeable and were able to effectively draw out learning.

I enjoyed the facilitators had real life, relevant examples which further explained the content

Yes, absolutely and I hope our learning with them doesn’t stop here and many others have this opportunity

Wealth of experience in this area with relevant NHS experience

Excellent level of facilitation, linking theory to practice and session to session

The facilitators held a calm space enabling me to be myself at all times

Great insights and I felt listened and valued throughout

Facilitators knew how to draw out learning and input ideas and theories

I like the fact that they use knowledge to flex the material to individual circumstances

Genuinely, this course has been one of the best I’ve attended due to my cohort colleagues for their humour, openness and support and because of the excellent facilitation of the exercises and the mix with theory. I have felt challenged at the right level for me and stretched from my comfort zone. This enables a great learning space. I hope to stay connected with Staff College as a provider and an institute from with I may continue to learn. I am determined to maintain the networks I have discovered. Thank you.

This was the most “light bulb” course I have been on in terms of course delivery. This was due to the exceptional DS skills – perception/facilitation.

I have particularly enjoyed the facilitators that we have encountered during the 4-day programme and hope to have an opportunity to work with them again.

I particularly liked the wide range of staff groups/hospitals/levels, that has created new professional relationships and will encourage MSE thinking rather than site thinking.