Programmes with Partners:

Clinical Leadership Development Programme


The clinical leadership development programme is a 3-day programme to support the leadership development within the STP.

To develop a cadre of leaders with a deep awareness of themselves and their influence, the impact their behaviour has on others and an understanding of how to lead across boundaries.

In order to
Ensure ELHCP has a pipeline of talented and reflective leaders ready to step into system leadership roles within the STP.

Our input

Delivery of a three day leadership development module consisting of 2-days followed by 1 day approximately six weeks later

Areas covered:

Module 1 – Self-awareness (2-day)

• Become aware of personal values, principles and assumptions.
• Gain awareness of how personal traits can influence performance of self and others.
• Notice how you manage your behaviours in group situations.
• Becoming more aware and increasing the responsibility for process (how you go about working) as well as content (what you work on).
• Understand the importance of and develop the ability to give and receive feedback
• Begin to develop your personal reflective practice.

Module 2 – Leading across boundaries (1 day)

• Self in context – understanding the sense of personal leadership in a larger system.
• Developing ability to work collaboratively and across boundaries.
• Developing ability to communicate the need for change and influencing others.
• Understanding of the role of action learning groups as a way of continuing personal and peer development and support.


Evaluation results

On completion of the programme:

• 89% rated the programme facilitation of module 1 as excellent; 11% rated it as good

• 94% rated the programme facilitation of module 2 as excellent; 6% rated it as good

• 88% rated the programme facilitation of the whole programme as excellent; 12% rated it as good

• 100% of people said they would recommend the programme

Impact of attending Module 1 – Self-Awareness, what members have done differently as a result

I’ve increased my use of feedback. I have attended more to process issues and have made effort to increase my self-awareness. I have approached prioritising my diary and time differently.

Given more positive feedback. Redefined the purpose for key meetings. Engaged with more system level transformation work.

Stepped back. Accepted “wicked”. Can make better but not fix. Importance of self-awareness as a tool to prevent burnout.

Confidence to challenge. Focus on systems approach rather than individual views/opinions.

Taken a conscious effort to be part of meetings but at the same time be critical of the purpose and outcome.

Impact of attending Module 2 – Leading Across Boundaries, what will participants do differently as a result?

To lead change differently with an awareness and different response to people whose relationship to change varies. To attend more to power and influence in the systems I operate in.

Build better alliances. Use my time more wisely. Be aware of resistance and change and how to manage it.

“Line of sight” clarity. Energy into enthusiast end of bell curve. Say “no” to time wasting.

Expression and presentation of leading others, junior and senior.

Make space to think/reflect. Make a conscious effort to review processes in situ.

Impact for the STP

Improve the culture and better working relationships for effective and positive change and achieve our goals more effectively.

Being a change agent in the organisation I work in. Make an impact – positively collaborative working.

I am a more effective leader and manager across complex systems and more ready to support and contribute to current and future service developments.

Prioritising could help me to release time for system-wide work where I can add value. Being a better leader and encouraging others.

“Energy” and “positivity” to see STP as an opportunity to affect change – not a threat but honest with STP, i.e. brave re: questioning meetings/system.

I have previously reduced my attendance of STP meetings as I felt there was a core of decision makers which I was not part of. I now need to realise that I have more power.

Improved collaboration and leadership skills to deliver improved care.

Creation of a leadership cohort who had similar training and shared values.

I may consider being part of networks and take on various leadership roles.

Revelation of lack of awareness of STP and the need to change that. Look for opportunities to influence.

Why members found the programme valuable

Made me much more self-aware of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. I feel more confident as a leader. Will lead to real change.

Best leadership programme I have attended. The space for self-reflection/observation is key to this.

Experiential learning enabled me to see my strength and weaknesses as a leader. I feel confident that I will improve my leadership influence.

Exposure has expanded my leadership abilities and gained techniques for good quality leadership.

Meaningful and relevant to current role and responsibilities as a leader. Reviewed current individual performance and highlighted reviewed areas in need of improvement.

Good information to learn from, delivered in a fun and engaging way. Lots of reflective time. Not rushed.

Made me more aware of why I may encounter difficulties in certain situations. Has given me objective changes in my “behaviour” I need to begin to manage differently.

Good content and process! Great facilitators. Dislike video but recognise value and opportunities it gives for feedback and discussion.

Exhilarating and inspiring.

Really brilliant course – honestly delivered by team who clearly care. Good level of personal challenge – pushing the comfort zone.