Programmes with Partners:

Clinical Leadership Development Programme


The clinical leadership development programme was a series of 3-day courses to support the leadership development of Clinical Directors, Divisional Medical Directors, Deputy Divisional Medical Directors and AHP Service Leads at Aintree University Hospital.

To make you a better leader and to know what being a better leader means

In order to
Ensure that the way you lead the delivery of healthcare is of the highest quality

Our input

Delivery of a three day leadership development module consisting of 2-days followed by 1 day two months later

Areas covered:
• Why awareness is so important – the primacy of relationships in a wicked world
• Self in context – understanding the sense of personal leadership in a larger system
• Becoming aware of personal patterns, assumptions and choices and their intended and unintended impact
• Gain a deeper awareness of presence – how personal traits impact or fail to impact on the performance of self and team.
• Becoming more aware and increasing the responsibility for process (how you go about working) as well as content (what you work on)
• Examine the role of teams and personal contribution as a leader
• Understand the importance of and to develop the ability to give and receive feedback
• Develop your personal resilience
• Begin to develop your personal reflective practice


Evaluation results

On completion of their 3-day course:

100% of people strongly agreed or agreed the course was relevant to them in their role.

100% of people strongly agreed or agreed as a result of the course they feel more confident with making changes within their organization.

100% of people strongly agreed or agreed the course was well facilitated.

As a result of the programme is there anything you will be doing differently?

I have found this enlightening and has given me a new structured way of leadership

I will discuss more with my team but also be more directive – lead them, not manage!

I’m more patient. More empathy. Slightly more realistic v. idealistic

I feel more confident within my leadership role and will be more willing to speak up and confront negative behaviour

How would you describe the programme:

It provided a very practical insight in my leadership and developing it

Useful to do in early years of a doctor/consultant

Gives you insight into how you come across, your strengths and weaknesses

Good opportunity to network, explore your own leadership and learn about the organisation

Insight into how leadership can improve with the right drive and passion