Programmes for Individuals

Working in the healthcare community at any level is to be engaged in an environment where the exceptional is commonplace and new challenges arise daily. To manage these rapidly changing circumstances demands leadership skills and abilities of the highest level.

Staff College believes that leadership is an amalgam of emotional intelligence, courage, analytical skills and commitment, along with the resilience to take setbacks and still be focused on the final objective. Our programmes have been developed to enable staff working within the healthcare community to consolidate and expand their leadership abilities by exposing them to a range of experiences and techniques.

Our programmes are delivered using techniques based on:

  • Learning through insight and experience
  • The application of immersive simulation with structured, honest feedback
  • Personal and peer review of observed behaviours.

Our programmes are delivered by a tried and tested faculty of established leaders with decades of hands-on experience as senior leaders in the NHS, the military, business and education.

For Senior Leaders

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We deliver three courses for senior leaders, ‘Leading Self,’ ‘Leading Others’ and ‘Leading Systems.’ The courses run throughout the year and are open to anyone who fulfills the entry criteria and are delivered to multi-disciplinary, multi-organisation cohorts. Each module is 3 days long. Individuals can attend just an individual module, attend the courses consecutively, or in any order they choose.

For Aspiring Leaders

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We deliver a wide range of leadership development programmes for specific cohorts and organisations.

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This is a unique resource. NHS Professionals and their behaviours will not be improved or their leadership skills developed by self-assessment/online modules/crammer courses. It is only through the time, space, experience, and exposure to the generations of learning provided by the Faculty that change will happen  

I believe this manner of leadership development is vital – such a personal and professional benefit. I want to work and lead with other people who work and lead like this!