Staff College design and deliver a variety of leadership development programmes open to both aspirant and experienced leaders at different stages of their career.

Our courses really are different. They provide challenging experiences that promote personal reflection and candid feedback. People believe their own data. So, we use the triangulation between video review, peer and faculty led feedback to provide more accurate self-awareness that allows people to lead themselves, others and to lead across their organisations.

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Senior Leadership Development Programme

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Our Senior Leadership Development Programme is our flag-ship programme. It’s formed of three intensive three day modules, aimed at developing self-awareness, self-management, the leadership of teams and the leadership in complex adaptive systems. We run a rolling programme of modules in London which are open to individuals working across the healthcare service to apply to join.

Bespoke Team and Board Development

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We design bespoke programmes around the specific needs of a team or Executive Board. We work with senior leaders engaged in wicked problems. Therefore, our focus is on the processes of leadership and how people find a way through persistent, and often stubborn, areas of concern.

We believe that ‘process’ or ‘the way people go about doing a task’ needs to be understood and led so that the actual task itself can be accomplished to the best of a groups’ ability. By helping a group gain better insight into how they currently work together, we can then provide the necessary support and challenge to help them work better together.

Our programmes build on each team’s diverse skills and experiences to generate a mutually supportive framework that produces a real team ethos, whilst enabling them to work on the real issues they face.

Programmes with Partners

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We regularly design and deliver programmes for and with partners. This could be to co-design a programme for an organisation to meet a specific development need. Sometimes we might be a delivery partner with a range of other organisations, providing specialist leadership development inputs on a wider programme. We’ve developed a wide range of programmes from intensive one day modules for front-line leaders, to week-long programmes as part of an MSc and are always interested in developing new programmes for different groups.

Aidan Halligan Memorial Lecture

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Staff College host an annual lecture for our members and supporters. Past speakers include Sir Robert Francis QC, Duncan Selbie, CEO Public Health England, and Prof Sir Ian Kennedy.

This November, Prof Sir Bruce Keogh will be delivering his talk on ‘Dickens, Darwin, Discontent and Disruptive Innovation. If you’re interested in joining us, find out more about the event and RSVP here.