Staff College design and deliver a variety of leadership development programmes open to aspiring and experienced leaders at different stages of their career.

We develop programmes for a variety of organisations involved in delivering care, NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Academic Health Science Networks, Universities, and National Organisations such as NHS England, NHS Improvement and Public Health England.

Our courses really are different. They provide challenging experiences that promote personal reflection and candid feedback. People believe their own data. So, we use the triangulation between video review, peer and faculty led feedback to provide more accurate self-awareness that allows people to lead themselves, others and to lead across their organisations.

What we offer

We offer a broad range of programmes for leaders working in different parts of the health service.

Off-the-shelf leadership development modules for leaders working within Health and Social Care

We offer a series of one day modules that can be commissioned by organisations and delivered locally.

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Off-the-shelf leadership development modules for leaders working within Primary Care Networks

We offer a series of one day modules that can be commissioned for Primary Care Networks and delivered locally

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Bespoke Team and Board Development

We develop bespoke programmes to support teams and Boards. These may be to help a newly forming team or service to develop strong relationships from the outset. Or they may support a team who have come through a challenging time to agree how to take things forward.

We’ve also adapted our approach to enable us to support teams that can’t yet work face to face together.

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Virtual leadership development modules.

We are developing and delivering half day virtual leadership development modules focussed on supporting leaders adapting to the new challenges of leading teams remotely. We’ve also adapted many of our programmes to be delivered virtually or as a blend of f2f and virtual.

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Bespoke Leadership Development Programmes designed for a specific organisation or cohort.

We regularly co-design and develop programmes to meet a specific training need within an organisation. Examples of programmes we’re currently delivering can be found below.

Programmes we Currently Deliver

For Hospitals

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For Primary Care

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For Integrated Care

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You can find out what our commissioners say about what it’s like to work with us, and the impact that our programmes have had within their organisations in our library of case studies.

Read our Commissioner Case Studies