Our Vision, Mission & Ethos

Our Vision:

Our vision is to improve the quality of care and experience of those accessing health and social care services and the experience of staff providing them, through the development of better leaders.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to develop better leaders with a strong moral compass who can contribute to developing a more caring, inclusive and responsible culture within health and social care. 

And to use our influence to foster greater understanding of the need and benefits of developing better leaders, and the challenges to doing so.

Our Ethos:

We believe that leaders have more influence than they think and a societal responsibility to use their influence in service of the greater good. 

We believe good leaders develop psychological safety within their teams, care about those they lead and put the needs of their people first.  We believe that leadership is finding the moral courage to do the right thing on a difficult day.

As such, we build a psychologically safe environment for leaders to learn and experiment in.   We take the time to develop relationships with leaders.  We use humour to promote emotional safety and rapport.  We encourage openness, open heartedness and the assumption of positive intent.  We value directness in thoughts, language and behaviours.  And provide a high level of support and challenge that enables leaders to develop further.  Our programmes encourage leaders to become more aware of, and take greater responsibility for, their thoughts, behaviours and actions. 

We take the need for leadership development seriously, as individuals and collectively, recognising it is a continuous process.  We encourage cognitive diversity, drawing on a rich set of perspectives and experience from across sectors within our team.  And acknowledge that developing leaders is a non-linear process, of which we can only play a part.

Agency For Good

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