Leadership Programmes for Leaders in Primary Care


As the nature of primary care evolves to bring closer collaborative working between primary, community and social care through the Primary Care Networks (PCNs), so too do the demands on local leaders to work differently. We work with local partners to offer leadership development opportunities to those working within primary care.

We’re really pleased to have been included in the Healthy London Partnership’s recent publication: Clinical Leadership – Investing in the Primary Care Workforce as a recommended leadership development provider for leaders in primary care.

For Individuals: Senior Leaders

Our Senior Leadership Development Programme consists of three stand-alone modules, Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Systems. The programme is open to GPs and those working at 8a or above from a Nursing, AHP or Managerial background. Modules run on a rolling basis throughout the year.

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For Primary Care Network (PCN) Clinical Directors

We’ve developed a new programme with UCLPartners to support the Clinical Directors of PCNs. Utilising our experiential approach to leadership development, 1:1 coaching, action learning sets and a series of optional modules, the programme aims to support leaders with the skills, tools and understanding to successfully take forward the leadership of these new Primary Care organisations.

Find out more about the programme and how to apply here

For CCGs: Emerging Leaders

As part of UCLPartners’ Leadership Development Programme for Emerging Leaders in Primary Care, we deliver two modules, a three day module ‘Awareness of Self and Impact on Others’ delivered as individual days over 2 months, and an evening session on ‘Leading Change.’

Find out more about the UCLPartners Emerging Leaders in Primary Care Programme

Sarah See, Director, Primary Care Transformation for Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge CCGs, shares her view of the difference that she’s seen in leaders across the patch since the start of the UCLP Emerging Leaders in Primary Care Programme.

Read Sarah’s case study here

For Primary Care Networks

We’ve been working to develop leadership within local Neighbourhood Boards as they’ve worked towards becoming Primary Care Networks over the past year across West Essex.

Find out more about the Neighbourhood Board Member Development Programme

“…before, we were looking around trying to find people who would be prepared to step up into leadership positions and were finding it really hard. Now, we have really passionate leaders all over the place who are … actively wanting to lead projects and … really driven to change things.”

Commissioner of previous cohort of Emerging Leaders Programme

I came away from the full days absolutely exhausted. This was really good, because I felt that we’d been really challenged. We were completely challenged, challenged in ways that I think I maybe wasn’t expecting, I think, partly because the leadership course that I was on before was very, very gentle by comparison, although we were involved it was a lot of just chatting, whereas this was much more about really reflecting on who we were, what we were doing, how we could do it differently and what the challenges were.