At Staff College, we believe passionately in the development of healthcare leaders at all stages within their careers. For us, not only is our work about supporting individuals to find the moral courage to do the right thing on a difficult day, but it’s also about seeing the direct impact that all leaders in healthcare can have on the quality of care for patients.

Members’ Stories

Find out from those who’ve been through our programmes the profound impact that attending has had on them and on their services.

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Commissioner Stories

At Staff College, we often get asked by our Members to develop a bespoke programme for their organisation following their experiences of attending programmes with us. Hear their stories about why they asked us to help and the impact these bespoke programmes have had for their organisations.

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Senior Leadership Development Programme Impact Reports

Find out more about the impact of our Senior Leadership Development Programme in our impact reports.

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External Reviews

Find out how with independent researchers have evaluated the potency and impact of our programmes.

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Staff College is more than a programme, it is a lever for cultural change in leadership with profound power to help us achieve the quality of care our patients need and the quality of working life our staff deserve. Being part of the program and taking my board team through the program is an integral part of our leadership journey that has, is and will, deliver substantial returns for the investment. Join us – it’s worth it!

Medical Director, NHS FT

There’s something about the personalities of team members, the ethos and the overt openness and honesty that runs through Staff College and the focus on awareness raising that really makes it different to anyone else. Their focus on process and behaviours, and how behaviours can have a positive or negative impact on how we work together forms the basis of development.

When we’re stuck in the discussion it’s hard to see the bird’s eye view. I loved the provocation and the way Staff College helped pull us back to think about what was really at the heart of what we’re trying to achieve.

People began to feel more confident to be honest about how they felt and what they thought. We paid more attention to what was going on in the room for people. Meetings became more focussed and open with greater trust between members.

Clinical Chair, Sustainability and Transformation Partnership and Clinical Commissioning Group