COVID-19 update

April 2021

Due to the ongoing national lockdown, we have been delivering programmes and development sessions virtually during this period. We are planning that as pressures and restrictions start to ease, we will return to face to face delivery, with social distancing measures in place. Decisions will continue to be made with commissioners on a case by case basis and will reflect the local pressure on services and nature of the programmes.

We continue to support our colleagues in the health service as and when needed throughout this period. Thank you, as always, to everybody involved for their ongoing flexibility. We will continue to provide updates as things evolve here and will be in contact directly with anyone affected by changes to our programmes and plans.

Look after yourselves and each other

Charlie Brown
CEO, The Staff College: Leadership in Healthcare

What we’re doing to support leaders during this period

We’ve adapted our face to face elements to incorporate social distancing measures in order that we can deliver programmes again to small groups.
You can find out about the safety measures we’re implementing here.

Supporting teams within the health and care system.
This includes working with teams in real time to develop better leadership, process and cohesion as they grapple with the changing landscape as a result of COVID-19. We are continuing to develop our thinking about innovative ways we can help. You can find out more about how we’re working with teams with a mixture of virtual and face to face interventions.

We’ve launched a series of new virtual leadership development modules.
We’ve adapted our experiential, provocative approach and can now offer a variety of half-day modules focussed on the themes you’ve told us matter most. Find out more here.

We’ve launched a fortnightly series of leadership blogs from Staff College faculty
You can read all of the blogs published so far here. If you want to receive these and don’t already, you can sign up here

We’ve launched a monthly series of interactive Talking Heads: Talking Health sessions via Zoom. You can find out about our upcoming sessions, or watch our previous ones here too. To ensure you hear about future sessions, sign up to our newsletter here

Changes to courses and working practices

Our key priorities throughout this period are to protect our team and everyone we work with. We’re following the latest official guidance to help efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. To this end we have implemented some changes which will remain in place for the foreseeable future:

Practical precautions to protect our staff:
• We have closed our office; the team is now working from home. We are still contactable via email or phone.
• All meetings take place virtually.
• We continue to follow official advice on isolation requirements.
• We are developing plans for safely delivering face to face elements whilst incorporating social distancing measures.
• We will be utilising bubbles of less than 10 members for any face to face elements to reduce the risk of transmission.
• We will be splitting our faculty into three separate teams for the delivery of programmes during Autumn and Winter to minimise contact and the risk of spreading the virus within our own team.