Partnership with the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom

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We run joint programmes with the Defence Academy to enable teams and individuals from across the health and care community to participate in Defence leadership and management courses whilst providing them with a unique opportunity to further develop their own leadership skills.

The Defence Academy

Showcasing command and leadership at its best, the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom trains and develops the future commanders of the UK Armed Forces and Civil Service, as well as selected global leaders. This is achieved by drawing on the UK Armed Forces’ leadership principles of trust and empowerment and through exploiting military and science innovation.  Our courses are tailored to deliver both the tactical, operational and strategic skills that keep the UK at the forefront of global events and able to respond to the challenges of an increasingly uncertain world. We offer a diverse spectrum of courses from one-day sessions in stress and resilience management, to year-long post-graduate courses on international strategy and leadership, through to professional project management qualifications.

Health Professionals Leadership and Management Course

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Following on from our successful pilot Leadership and Management Course at the Defence Academy last year, we have 120 places on offer for members of the health and care community on this September’s course. Given the success of the pilot this is hugely exciting and a wonderful opportunity for those lucky enough to get a place.

Our delegates will join the course for the one-week leadership and management element, which forms part of a year-long course for military candidates (on the Advanced Command and Staff Course). They will attend cohort lectures along with the military, but they will attend all group work sessions in healthcare syndicates. We have 10 syndicates this year, with 12 places available in each. In order to try and share the opportunity as widely as possible we will be seeking sponsors for these syndicates from across the country, and across the system.

To inspire and challenge you to reflect on your own leadership qualities and style.

In order to
Ensure that the way you lead the delivery of healthcare is of the highest quality

The programme is structured around central lectures to the complete cohort, facilitated discussion in health syndicates, facilitated exercises to support self-awareness raising, and time to work on a specific ‘wicked’ issue, nominated by a syndicate’s sponsor and with the aim of providing the opportunity to work on a live issue as a way of learning about the process for approaching such issues in the future.

Each syndicate will be facilitated by a military Directing Staff (DS) from JSCSC and a senior healthcare professional to provide both the facilitation expertise and health context.

Learning Outcomes
• Critically analyse leadership and management concepts.
• Understand your personal leadership context and challenges within the healthcare system.
• Assess the value and application of self-awareness.
• Become aware of personal values, principles and assumptions.
• Reflect on techniques for enhancing leadership and management abilities.
• Analyse the features and impacts of negative or poor leadership.
• Gain awareness of how personal traits can influence performance of self and team.
• Analyse resilience and leadership following crises.
• Gain understanding of the challenges involved when managing change

17th – 22nd September 2017

Joint Services Command and Staff College, Shrivenham, near Swindon
Closing date for applications: 28th April 2017

It was a privilege to be included in the programme last week and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive the coaching/teaching/training delivered as it was at such a high quality. I feel that I can take forward what I have learned into my practice and the service that I am responsible for will show a tangible improvement as a result.  

This can only lead to improvements in
patient care which is what it was all about.

In short, thank you.

The biggest outcome I have gained is exactly as you put it – How I see myself in my role. I am continually reflecting on outcomes and how people deserve to be treated and led (as well as a fair amount of following)

I simply cannot thank you or the Staff College enough, truly inspired.

Many thanks