The NHS Staff College IBT is a three day programme designed to develop and support individual and team leadership capability in order to create a real and honest cohesiveness that improves workplace performance and resilience.

The aim is to facilitate a recognised leader and their team through a series of activities based on the ‘real’ issues facing the team.

  • Three day bespoke leader and team development course.
  • Course methodology is based on the core principles of the NHS Staff College.
  • Once completed, the three day course is recognised as the equivalent of completion of the Staff College Senior Leadership Course 2 Day Introductory Briefing (IB).This allows individuals from within the team the opportunity to continue their own development through the further modules of the Senior Leadership Course.
  • Working with others is a highly emotive process and therefore the nature of this programme can involve high levels of self disclosure and emotionally challenging material.
  • The work will involve a series of exercises and challenges with robust peer feedback that develops self awareness and team cohesion.
  • A vital element of the course is that the team work on real issues and not case study material. The Staff College Faculty will need team details and some diagnostic conversations before the event takes place.
  • No two IBTs are alike and therefore timetables and content are a guide – the direction of the event will be dictated by the team not the timetable.
  • The course is designed for teams of 8, although larger events for several groups in multiples of 8 can also be delivered.
  • Some sessions will be filmed and played back for the purpose of review within the course.


Bespoke Options

The IBT is a bespoke programme, centred around the specific needs of a team. Staff College will deliver the programme on dates to suit the trainee team which can be on-site if deemed helpful.