Staff College provides a whole spectrum to through-career leadership development from undergraduates to senior leaders and executive board development with a range of targeted comprehensive, psychologically informed courses.

Courses are based around the core values of learning through insight and experience. Themes are introduced and developed through a mixture of cohort lectures and small group working. Individual and team performance, during practical skills based challenges, are analysed with constructive personal and peer review of observed behaviours.

Core leadership programmes

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Staff College delivers a range of core leadership programmes, aimed at individuals at differing times throughout their careers.

Joint courses with the Defence Academy

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Staff College runs joint courses with the Defence Academy to provide the opportunity for health professionals to experience Defence’s approach to leadership development whilst providing them with a unique opportunity to further develop their own leadership skills.

Bespoke Programming

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We design bespoke programmes around the specific needs of a team or Executive Board. We work with senior leaders engaged in wicked problems. Therefore, our focus is on the processes of leadership and how people find a way through persistent, and often stubborn, areas of concern.

We believe that ‘process’ or ‘the way people go about doing a task’ needs to be understood and led so that the actual task itself can be accomplished to the best of a groups’ ability. By helping a group gain better insight into how they currently work together, we can then provide the necessary support and challenge to help them work better together.

Our programmes build on each team’s diverse skills and experiences to generate a mutually supportive framework that produces a real team ethos, whilst enabling them to work on the real issues they face.

Commissioned Courses

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We regularly design and deliver programmes for commissioners who have a specific development requirement for a particular audience, organisation or geographic footprint. These can range from short workshops on leadership and enabling change, to full week long modules delivered as part of an MSc.

Alumni lectures and events

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Staff College host an annual lecture for our alumni and supporters. Past speakers include Sir Robert Francis QC, Duncan Selbie, CEO Public Health England, and Brigadier Kevin Beaton OBE QHP