The people who attend our programmes often mention that they like the fact that ‘we do things differently’. It is often difficult to pin down the ‘difference that makes a difference’ but includes:

Members discover the truth about themselves as leaders by

• Extensively viewing visual feedback, which not only connects at an emotional level, but prevents them denying behaviours. People believe their own data.
• Being encouraged to challenge each other, as a way of assisting in learning and also giving support.
• Receiving feedback from Directing Staff (DS), their group peers and their own senses, the power of which combination ensures the learning occurs at an experiential level.

Programmes include powerful activities

• Low power-point per hour ratio. Experiencing and engaging in dialogue is privileged over lecturing.
• Involving real tasks, with no case studies or role play.
• Keeping members in the here and now.
• Creating a challenging as well as supportive learning environment.

Directing Staff are unusual, in that they

• Initiate and sustain a generous relationship.
• Lead by example during the course and bring extensive leadership experience to it.
• Come from diverse careers and organisations – the healthcare community, the military and the commercial sector.
• Are mutually rigorous in their testing of material for inclusion and examination of all approaches.
• Are committed learners, who are full participants in the unfolding of the courses.
• Are always open to change.
• Do not pathologise cynicism and resistance but work with it, understanding that this is what leaders are contending with daily.
• Are immune to much of the ‘fashion and gimmick’ nature prevalent in the field of leadership development. The test is ‘usefulness’ not ‘newness’.